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Classic Trek and other SCI-FI Autographs

Rules for collection: I only get autographs from people I've met at conventions. I'm not interested in collecting autographs per se, but more interested in collecting a history of nostalgia from my various conventions and the memories from meeting/seeing these people. You will see some that are not personalized. That is either due to the actor having too long of a line to personalize, or just their/convention policy, so you get the autograph but not the customized prose. Note: Don't be confused by those that say "to Shayne," that is my middle name, and I sometimes go by that when it's more convenient.

Bright backgroud = 2017 additions

The Crown Jewel of the Collection
Scott Bakula, William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew complete captains of Star Trek TV show autograph set Complete captains of Star Trek TV show autograph set authentication certificate
Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek Multi-Generation Autograph Reprint
William Shatner
Deforest Kelly Autograph
Leonard Nimoy Autograph
James Doohan Autograph
Walter Koenig Autograph
George Takei Autographs
Nichelle Nichols Autograph
Grace Lee Whitney Autograph
Joan Collins Autograph
Michael Forest Autograph
Arlene Martel Autograph
Mary Rice Autograph
Lawrence Montaigne
Sally Kellerman Autograph
Sally Kellerman Autograph
Gary Lockwood Autograph
Clint Howard Autograph
Elinor Donahue Autograph
Felix Silla Autograph
Laurel Goodwin Autograph
Sean Kenney
Sean Kenney
Barbara Luna Autograph
Bobby Clark
France Nuyen Autograph
Sabrina Scharf Autograph
Susan Howard Autograph
Joanne Linville Autograph
Jack Donner Autograph
Louise Sorel Autograph
Debra Downey Autograph
Mary Linda Rapelye Autograph
Sandy Gimpel Autograph
Lois Jewell Autograph
Phyllis Douglas Autograph
Sherry Jackson Autograph
Marj Dusay Autograph
Celeste Yarnall Autograph
Beverley Washburn Autograph
Stewart Moss Autograph
Yvonne Craig Autograph
Tania Lemani Autograph
Celeste Yarnall Autograph
Lee Meriwether Autograph
Marj Dusay Autograph
Don Marshall
Christopher Held Autograph
Eddie Paskey Autograph
Bjo Trimble Autograph
Bjo and John Trimble Autograph
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek Multi-Generation Autograph Reprint
Patrick Stewart Autograph
Jonathan Frakes Autograph
Brent Spiner Autograph
Michael Dorn Autograph
LeVar Burton Autograph
Colm Meaney Autograph
Marina Sirtis Autograph
Gates McFadden Autograph
Whoopi Goldberg Autograph
Diana Muldaur
Denise Crosby Autograph
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry Autograph
Patti Yasutake Autograph
John DeLancie Autograph
Dwight Schultz Autograph
Robert O'Reilly Autograph
Jennifer Hetrick Autograph
Hallie Todd Autograph
Jonathan DelArco
Elizabeth Dennehy Autograph
Natalja Nogulich Autograph
Suzie Plakson Autograph
Barbara March Autograph
Gwynyth Walsh Autograph
Eric Menyuk Autograph
Michael Aron Autograph
Carolyn McCormick Autograph
Michele Scarabelli Autograph
Carolyn Seymour Autograph
Estee Chandler Autograph
Jennifer Nash Autograph
Stephanie Beacham Autograph
Lisa Wilcox Autograph
Karole Selmon Autograph
Brian Thompson
Carel Struycken
Glenn Morshower
Lycia Naff
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek Multi-Generation Autograph Reprint
Avery Brooks Autograph
Nana Visitor Autograph
Terry Farrell Autograph
Nicole DeBoer Autograph
Armin Shimerman & Rene Auberjonois Autograph
Alexander Siddig Autograph
Colm Meaney Autograph
Michael Dorn Autograph
Andrew Robinson
Cirroc Lofton Autograph
Max Grodenchik Autograph
Aron Eisenberg Autograph
Chase Masterson Autograph
Marc Alaimo Autograph
Casey Biggs Autograph
Jeffrey Combs Autograph
John Garman Hertzler Autograph
Salome Jens Autograph
Barbara March & Gwynyth Walsh Autograph
James Darren
Cecily Adams Autograph
Melanie Smith Autograph
Barry Jenner
Gregory Itzin
William Wellman Jr Autograph
Louise Fletcher Autograph
Camille Saviola Autograph
Mary Kay Adams Autograph
Natalja Nogulich
Kitty Swink
Hana Hatae Autograph
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek Multi-Generation Autograph Reprint
The Entire Voyager Crew Autograph
Voyager Crew Autograph Reprint
Kate Mulgrew Autograph
Robert Beltran Autograph
Tim Russ Autograph
Robert Duncan McNeil Autograph
Robert Picardo Autograph
Garrett Wang Autograph
Jeri Ryan Autograph
Manu Intiraymi & JeriRyan Autograph
Roxann Dawson Autograph
Ethan Phillips Autograph
Martha Hackett
Jennifer Lien Autograph
Richard Herd Autograph
Vanessa Branch Autograph
Virginia Madsen
Lisa LoCicero
Iona Morris Autograph
Star Trek: Enterprise
Scott Bakula
Connor Trinneer Autograph
Linda Park Autograph
Dominic Keating Autograph
Anthony Montgomery Autograph
John Billingsley Autograph
Jeffrey Combs Autograph
Gary Graham Autograph
Steven Culp
Vaughn Armstrong Autograph
Diane Klimaszewski & Elaine Klimaszewski Autograph
Crystal Allen Autograph
Menina Fortunato Autograph
Bobbi Sue Luther Autograph
Evan English Autograph
Star Trek: Movies+
Ricardo Montalban Autograph
Zachary Quinto & Leonard Nimoy Autograph
Karl Urban Autograph
Alice Krige Autograph
Kirstie Alley Autograph
Catherine Hicks
Christopher Lloyd
Jacob Kogan Autograph
Stephen Collins Autograph
Layla Sarakalo & Walter Koenig Autograph
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry Autograph
Jacqueline Kim Autograph
Spice Williams Autograph
Robin Curtis Autograph
Nichelle Nichols & Walter Koenig Autograph
Brent Spiner Autograph
Chase Masterson, Garrett Wang, & Tim Russ Autograph
Rod Roddenberry
Ashley Eckstein Autograph
Ike Eisenmann Autograph
Jonathan Simpson Autograph
Neal McDonough Autograph
Babylon 5
Tracy Scoggins Autograph
Mira Furlan Autograph
Bruce Boxleitner Autograph
Richard Biggs & Jerry Doyle Autograph
Claudia Christian Autograph
Bill Mumy Autograph
Marjorie Monaghan Autograph
Julie Caitlin Brown Autograph
Julia Nickson Autograph
Joss Whedon: Firefly
Firefly Cast Reprint Autograph
Nathan Fillion Autograph
Summer Glau Autograph
Morena Baccarin Autograph
Jewel Staite Autograph
Gina Torres Autograph
Alan Tudyk Autograph
Adam Baldwin Autograph
Joss Whedon: Buffy - Angel - Dollhouse - Agents of Shield x3 - Avengers x2 - Agent Carter
James Marsters Autograph
Eliza Dushku Autograph
Charisma Carpenter Autograph
Julie Benz Autograph
Clare Kramer Autograph
J. August Richards Autograph
Clark Greg Autograph
Chloe Bennet Autograph
Bill Paxton Autograph
Jeremy Renner Autograph
Anthony Mackie Autograph
Hayley Atwell Autograph
Battlestar Galatica / Caprica
Edward James Olmos Autograph
Jamie Bamber Autograph
Grace Park Autograph
Dirk Benedict Autograph
Richard Hatch Autograph
Herbert Jefferson Jr. Autograph
Sasha Roiz Autograph
Stargate / Star Wars
Richard Dean Anderson Autograph
Amanda Tapping Autograph
Christopher Judge Autograph
Michael Shanks Autograph
Jason Momoa Autograph
Paul McGillion Autograph
Kristen Dalton Autograph
Anthony Daniels Autograph
Peter Mayhew Autograph
Mercedes Ngoh Autograph
Femi Taylor Autograph
Billy Dee Williams Autograph
Ashley Eckstein Autograph
Doctor Who
Karen Gillan Autograph
John Barrowman Autograph
Alex Kingston Autograph
Mark Sheppard Autograph
Finn Jones Autograph
Jensen Ackles Autograph
Jared Padalecki Autograph
Misha Collins Autograph
Mark Sheppard Autograph
Ruth Connell Autograph
Jim Beaver Autograph
Curtis Armstrong Autograph
Richard Speight Jr. Autograph
Rob Benedict Autograph
Osric Chau Autograph
Kim Rhodes Autograph
Briana Buckmaster Autograph
Matt Cohen Autograph
Travis Aaron Wade Autograph
Timothy Omundson Autograph
Farscape x2 / Aliens-T2 x3 / Dead Like Me / Princess Bride / Eureka / Andromeda x3 / Expanse / Outlander / Guardians of the Galaxy
Virginia Hey Autograph
Gigi Edgley Autograph
Michael Biehn Autograph
Jenette Goldstein Autograph
Ellen Muth Autograph
Chris Sarandon Autograph
Felicia Day Autograph
Kevin Sorbo Autograph
Gordon Michael Woolvett Autograph
Lexa Doig Autograph
Cas Anvar Autograph
Caitriona Balfe Autograph
Sean Gunn Autograph
Arrow / The Flash / Daredevil
Stephen Amell Autograph
Robbie Amell Autograph
Danielle Panabaker Autograph
Elden Henson Autograph
Vincent D'Onofrio Autograph
Harry Potter x2 / Back to the Future x2 / Evolution / The Tick / Elm Street
James and Oliver Phelps Autographs
Natalia Tena Autograph
Lea Thompson Autograph
Christopher Lloyd Autograph
Orlando Jones Autographs
Patrick Warburton Autograph
Robert Englund Autograph
X-Files / Hellboy / Warehouse 13 / LOTR x3 / Fringe / X-Men / Continuum / Once Upon a Time x3 / Heroes
Gillian Anderson Autograph
Ron Perlman Autograph
Eddie McClintock Autograph
Sean Astin Autograph
John Noble Autograph
Evangeline Lilly Autograph
Lance Reddick Autograph
Kelly Hu Autograph
Rachael Nichols Autograph
Lana Parrilla Autograph
Sean Maguire Autograph
Rose McIver Autograph
David Anders Autograph
The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus Autograph
Steven Yeun Autograph
Jon Bernthal Autograph
Michael Rooker Autograph
Scott Wilson Autograph
Lost Girl
Anna Silk Autograph
Ksenia Solo Autograph
Kris Holden-Ried Autograph
Zoie Palmer Autograph
Emmanuelle Vaugier Autograph
Rachel-Skarsten Autograph
Writers / Directors / Producers
Stan Lee Autograph
Brannon Braga Autograph
Ira Behr Autograph
Ron D. Moore Autograph
Michael Okuda, Denise Okduda, Debbie Mirek Autograph
Michael Pillar Autograph
Michael Pillar Autograph
Naren Shankar Autograph
Alan Bean
Wally Schirra & Walt Cunningham