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UW Technology Management MBA Graduation

June 11th, 2005 - California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly):
BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems

In homework alone, this "little" project required 2,602.50 hours. That is: * 65.06 40 hour work weeks or * 108.44 24 hour days So what's next? MBA in planning stages
Cal Poly Graduation empty stadium
Before getting mobbed
Cal Poly graduation stadium
Crowd crowd coming in
Cal Poly Orfalea College
Orfalea College of Business, this was my college at Cal Poly
Cal Poly grad with identifier
It takes a college graduate to come up with this simple solution?
Fellow Cal Poly graduates
Students and faculty
Fellow Poly graduates
Cal Poly flag at ceremony
Eriel and Chris with Spock greeting
The double Spock greeting, always a classic
Eriel after Poly graduation ceremony
More pictures?
Eriel at Cal Poly BS graduation
Jumbo sized communicator pin, because it's traditional, now :)
Eriel getting Cal Poly BS degree handed to him
Snagging another sheepskin
Cal Poly BS diploma
Ah, the prized document at last
May 21st 1999 - Cuesta College
AA in General Studies
Cuesta Graduatin Hall
Cuesta College's graduation hall
Receiving AA diploma
Hand that thing over!
AA degree diploma off stage
Notice communicator pin?...'Cause "That sort'a thing is my bag baby!"
Parental unit and Eriel after ceremony
The parental unit, gender female. Proof that I'm taller than someone at least.