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Mountain Biking Rocks!

It has all the cool aspects for healthy mind, body, and spirit. You get: exercise, fun, views, health interesting friends, tinker points for custom mods, adrenaline, peace, fitness, travel...usually for free. What a deal. It's a groovy hobby.

Trail areas I've been to of note:
* Tahoe, CA: Mr. Toads Wild Ride, and The Flume
* Downieville, CA
* Aptos, CA
* Tam (Marin County), CA...all over that bad boy
* San Luis Obispo, CA: Montaña De Oro, Poly canyon

Bike #1: Custom built starting with an Intense Tracer frame (26Lbs) Intense Tracer
  • Fox Forx Float 100 RL front shock
  • Fox Float RL rear shock
  • Wheels: Mavic 317 rims with XTR 2003 hubs
  • Chris King headset
  • FSA XC 120 alloy stem
  • FSA Carbon Pro ATB: carbon fiber crank set
  • XTR shifters
  • XTR brake levers
  • XT front derailleur
  • XTR rear derailleur
  • XTR Ti. 9-speed cassette
  • Shimano PD-M959 clipless pedals
  • Race Face Ti. bottom bracket
  • LP carbon fiber seat post
  • LP carbon fiber bar ends
  • Easton CT2 carbon fiber bar
  • Avid CPS disk brake system
  • Flite TT Ti. rail seat
Bike #2: Specialized Enduro Pro mostly stock, but some additions (~28Lbs)
  • Manitou X-Vert Super front shock
  • Fox Float-R rear shock
  • Wheels: Mavic 317 rims
  • Avid CPS disk brake system
  • LP carbon fiber seat post
  • XT shifters
  • XT front derailleur
  • XT rear derailleur
  • Aheadset (headset)
  • Shimano PD-M747 clipless pedals
  • Titec 105mm 0 degree stem
  • Performance Ti rail saddle