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2006 Road trip - Los Osos CA to Vancouver Canada and back;
North on hwy 5; south via coastal routes.

Odometer start: 7,556 Odometer end: 11,095 Total miles 3,539
Max speed ticker: 140MPH on empty section of hwy 505 on 8/12

8/10-San Luis Obispo CA -> Mill Valley CA
Note to self: vote into office anyone who will make it illegal to take a Winnebago onto Hwy 1
8/11- Mill Valley CA-> Mount Shasta CA
8/13-Mount Shasta CA -> Eugene OR (Eugene is very green, forests all around and parks encompass both sides of the river with bridges about every two miles to make great walking/cycling loops).
8/14-Eugene OR -> Portland (Portland is on the Willamette river also, very green, some very nice spots, and some not so nice {standard big city}). I took an evening yacht ride on the river, some insanely decadent houses with their own water planes.
8/16-Portland -> Seattle (Seattle Center was great with the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, and Experience Music Project (saw Hendrix's own writing of his lyrics/guitars {the one he played at Woodstock no less}/clothes/paintings from a mere two feet away). Edmonds, Bellvue, Mercer Island...all very nice towns as well. Went to Redmond and hung out on the Microsoft campus as well).
8/18-Seattle -> Vancouver BC (Got into Vancouver around dusk drove around downtown exploring, hard to get a hotel, stayed in Surrey).
8/19-Vancouver BC -> Bellingham WA (took too long in Vancouver parks and site-seeing, and then got delayed at the border for random customs check to make much headway south).
8/20-Bellingham WA -> Long Beach WA (Took the Port Townsend ferry from Whidbey Island to get onto the peninsula, went to Hoh Rain Forest in the Olympic National Park. Then headed down 101...nothing but miles and miles a huge trees lining each side of the road, well there is always the ubiquitous lakes and rivers too).
8/21-Long Beach WA -> Gold Beach OR (weekday made it a buyers market on hotels, got great deal on hotel overlooking the ocean)
8/22-Gold Beach OR -> Mendicino CA (got distracted in the giant redwoods, Klamath, and searching for Big Foot, so I didn't make it all the way to Marin).
8/23-Mendicino CA -> Marin County CA
8/26-Marin County CA -> Half Moon Bay CA
8/27-Half Moon Bay CA-> Morro Bay CA